WALZER Ltd. is a manufacturer of European quality car care products designed on the basis of own innovation developments.

While developing the car care products formulas, the producers have considered the regional peculiarities of the country: hard water, considerable yearly average temperature fluctuations, destructive effects of salts, absence of car maintenance culture. All the products were tested at vehicles wash bays, then they were developed and improved taking into consideration the consumers’ recommendations.

WALZER® provides two ranges of car care products : for professionals and amateurs, and accessories. This wide range meets the requirements of vehicles wash bays and auto shows as well as vehicles’ owners.

  • Products for Professionals – this group of products is to be used at wash bays, vehicles service stations, auto shows and even motor car parks. The above products are highly concentrated and have big packages that make them easy-to-use for professionals.
  • Products for Motor-Car Enthusiasts – this group of products is, mainly, intended for car owners, that’s why it is packed in small volumes, not so highly concentrated, and it can be used every day without additional equipment and devices.
  • Motor-Car Accessories are represented by a range of lamps, wind screen wiper brushes, air fresheners and other useful things for every motor-car enthusiast.

Five advantages for cooperation with WALZER Ltd:

  • unique combination of experience, traditions and recent developments
  • own research laboratory
  • products adaptation to the standards and requirements of Ukrainian market
  • delivery within the stipulated terms, in required assortment and to any point of destination in Ukraine
  • high quality and reasonable prices!