Antifreeze liquid for cleaning glass

Operation: it contributes to effective cleaning of car glass just within some seconds. It cleans even the most greasy surfaces at temperature below -80ºC (for details see the table below).

Application Area: the agent is used for cleaning car windows at frosty weather.


  • it prevents from glass freezing quite effectively,
  • it has a slight pleasant fragrance,
  • it does not leave any stains,
  • it makes the surface antistatic.

Package:: 5 l

  • 35°C Article: 2102
  • 20°C Article: 2105
Package: : 1 l

  • 80°C Article: 2101
  • 35°C Article: 2103
  • 20°C Article: 2104

Dilution Table for Non-Freezing Agents:

Dilution Walzer AGS-300
Walzer AGS-600
Walzer AGS-700

parts of agent::
parts of water


up to -20°С

up to -35°С

up to -80°С